About Stainless Brass & Glass

Established in the year 2000, Stainless Brass and Glass has built up a reputation for producing quality bespoke metalwork no matter what the challenge.

As a company we are commited to providing our customers with a quality product, working with them and using our expertise to bring their concepts to reality.

Our client base is from both the commercial and private sector and with both we have been involved in a variety of projects ranging from balustrades to balconies, glass walls to glazed canopies. We pride ourselves in achieving the right results creating a product that is both unique and personal to that project.

All our projects are overseen by fully qualified project managers, who by using latest Cad Design, can fine-tune your details and ideas to suit each application. You will keep the same manager assigned to your project throughout to enable lines of communication to be clear and concise. They will liase with you in all aspects from concept to installation. As a company we carry out full surveys prior to any production to ensure accuracy in both detail and compliancy with regulations and standards in current practice.

Give us a call or email us for any questions you may have. Many of our projects are built upon structures that we have also been involved in. Early involvement in projects can mean the difference in creating the exact desired effect.